Pete Marquis is a Boston born, New York molded, LA based comedy writer/director, who hates writing about himself in the third person. It just feels terribly disingenuous to him. Plus, it reminds him of that time he had a really good game for his high school basketball team, the Belmont Marauders, and subsequently began referring to himself in the third person at school, and it didn’t go over well with the other Marauders.

As far as Pete is concerned, the only redeeming quality of writing about oneself in the third person is that it does take a bit of the pressure off when mentioning accolades. Like his Cannes Lions. Or his Webby awards. Or that time he was named to AdAge’s Creative 100.

Also, admittedly, it does feel like it gives him a bit more license to candidly discuss some of the good stuff he’s currently been up to. Namely directing comedic films for brands and not brands, that have been appearing on screens of all shapes and sizes. And also writing the show he created and recently sold to the Crackle Network, called Accident Park.

But aside from making Pete feel less gross about listing his accolades and current achievements, which some might consider mandatory for inclusion when crafting one’s own personal bio, he still stands firm in his belief that writing in the third person is a vile, inexcusable thing to do. Sociopathic even. And while Pete Marquis can be considered a lot of things, he is no sociopath. And you can quote me on that. Him on that. Clearly, he shouldn't have written his own bio. He's such a cheap ass sometimes.